brands are alive is a Transformation Studio for mindful entrepreneurs and pathfinders seeking to embody their truest Essence, amplify their brand's magnetism, and lead a business at the intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profit.

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Most mindful entrepreneurs & high-achievers eventually feel trapped in their own business, because it wasn't built on their (full) truth.

They suppress parts of themselves and as a result, they end up feeling unexcited, unfulfilled, and out of alignment with what they create, no matter how “successful” it becomes.

That’s why we developed The Essence Amplifier, a 3-phase framework that combines both the inner (Personal Guidance) with the outer (Strategic Branding & Marketing Roadmap), to uncover and embody your truest Essence, amplify your brand’s magnetism, and lead a business at the intersection of Passion, Purpose and Profit.

“Your best work is your expression of yourself. When you do it, you're the only expert.” — Frank Gehry

The Essence Amplifier

How It Works:

our 3-phase framework

Phase 1:

Your Essence 


We will work together to:

  • Uncover who you really are; your Essence
  • Step into who you are becoming, your highest self
  • Transcend any limiting identities
  • Remove energetic and mental blocks stopping you from owning your highest purpose and turning up the volume on your full, unapologetic truth

Phase 2:

Your Brand


We will show you how to: 

  • Lead with an Attraction-Based Brand that reflects who you really are
  • Get clear on your offer, messaging, positioning, values, and more.
  • Tap into your childlike creative genius
  • Attract people who are naturally aligned with your values
  • Hold an irreplaceable spot in your niche

Phase 3:

Your Marketing Roadmap


We will develop a 30/60/90-Day Strategic Marketing Plan to:

  • Attract + convert (clients, customers, team members) with ease and alignment
  • Bring all of yourself to everything you create
  • Work with your nature, not against it
  • Lead and create at the intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profit

There is a unique expression of a divine universe, wanting to come alive through you.


Hi, my name is Aléana.

The purpose of my work is to help you uncover more of who you (really) are and bring it into everything you create.

To reconnect you with what truly fuels your soul.

To give yourself permission and show up in your fullest self-expression.

To say yes to your heart’s non-compromised desires.

To know that you can have it all, and do it on your terms, too.

I started brands are alive because I woke up one day with another “successful" business, a great life, and every reason to feel great — but I still couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

I was unfulfilled, a
nd what was supposed to be my dream business started to feel like a trap.

You can read my story here.

I believe that there is an artist in every one of us.  

As children, we are born with an Essence and inner knowing, but it slowly gets beaten out of us.

By the time we've become adults, we have learned to dim our light. We've accepted other people’s definition of “success”, and how life is supposed to be lived. 

It pains me to see colorful, flavorful people grey themselves out for fear of being the odd ones out. It brings me immense joy to help them reconnect to this Essence.

The key is to tune into your heart, despite a world that may tell you otherwise.   

It takes tremendous courage, but your life will never be the same after.

I want to show you that you don’t have to compromise this Essence for anything.

In fact, turning up the volume on your truth is the ticket to the promised land: Where your business is exciting, meaningful, fulfilling, and financially profitable.

It takes more than strategy to create a meaningful transformation.

After nearly a decade of consulting high-growth brands and executives, I learned that sometimes it takes more than just our minds to create a meaningful transformation. We must use a body-mind-spirit approach, if we want to bypass deeply embedded thinking patterns.

That’s why I decided to incorporate a more holistic approach, using modalities I have learned from 8 years of world travel, and 3 years of experimentation with sacred plant ceremonies. Today our methodologies include:

  • Identity Transcendence Sessions
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies (within a legal & responsible environment)
  • Energetic & Somatic Modalities including breath-work, ancient meditation techniques, sound bathing, and much more.

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